How to Exercise Safely with Back Pain

May 12, 2022 | Prevent or Correct Back Pain

When trying to get fit and healthy, back pain can be a nightmare. That nagging pain in the back or the threat of back spasm can remove all confidence that you are going to be able to exercise without repercussions. One of the main reasons I came up with the BackAware Belt was that it was very frustrating seeing active people try to do the right things and end up with back pain that stopped them in their tracks. It is very important to examine ways to keep your back safe while you exercise and improve your fitness. I have came up with four tips here that you should follow for better back health when exercising:

1. Make sure you are doing exercises with good technique.
A key reason for having back pain while exercising is that you may be exercising with poor form. It can be difficult to know if you are not exercising without supervision. The BackAware Belt is a great addition here. It gives you feedback on your back position and will vibrate to warn you when you are in a poor position. This helps to give you confidence you are exercising correctly. Prof. Stuart McGill discusses exercising with poor technique as picking the scab. If you imagine your back like a cut on your skin. Constantly rubbing or picking at that scab will not allow the cut to heal. It is the same with the back. We need to make sure we are not doing exercises that will irritate the spine.

2. Start with easier exercises and gradually progress.
A common mistake is for people when they are back exercising to overdo it. It is quite easy for this to happen. You feel great again after having a period where you can’t exercise. The back feels good so you continue to push then Bang! The back goes into spasm and you are back to square 1. Start out a little easier than you feel you can do. It is better to start with easier exercises and less than you are capable of and build momentum.

3. Do Back Pilates in addition to your routine.
You may want to get back golfing, running or lifting exercises. This can be achieved but also have some focus in the week on back health. BackAware Back Pilates programme, which is included free with the BackAware Belt provides a 40 minute class which trains your core and back muscles to help make your back as strong as possible so it can be prepared as much as possible for the other exercise you wish to do during the week.

4. Keep good back hygiene throughout the day.
A lot of times it is not your exercise routine that will cause issues but actually the things we do day to day. A lot of sitting, poor lifting during the day or poor posture will all contribute to back issues. Try to power walk (swinging the arms when you walk fast) at least 5 minutes every morning, take regular breaks and this will allow your back to be in a good state when you start to exercise. This article goes into these tips in more detail.

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