5 Ways to keep your Back Healthy or get out of Pain

This article goes through 5 simple things you can do to keep your back as healthy as possible.

1. Know what is causing your back pain

Not all back pain is the same. Some back pain is caused by Disc irritation, others by SI joint or Facet Joint issues.

It is important to know what is causing your back pain as different causes need different exercises and need you to avoid or be careful with certain movements. Disc pain for example needs care the first hour when you wake up or when sitting. Extension type exercises can be brilliant for disc irritation but might make facet joint issues worse.

We developed this free quiz to give you a good idea of what might be causing your back pain. Take the quiz here.

What is the best way to know what type of back pain do I have? 

Take our free quiz and that will give you a good indication of what is causing your back pain which is the first step to fixing it. Take the quiz here.

With BackAware Pilates we make everyone take this quiz and in this way we know what is causing your back pain and then we give a course of Pilates specific to this issue.

2. Don’t Pick the Scab- Stop irritating your back.

Imagine you had cut your skin and a scab was forming. Everyday when you woke up and throughout the day you picked at it and opened it up again. How long do you think it would take to heal? What advice would you give someone who did this?

Stop picking the scab!

It is important to understand what causes your back to be sore and what doesn’t cause pain.

I had a patient where his back was very sore after the weekend. When we discussed this we were able to pinpoint him sitting on his sofa relaxing for several hours on a Sunday. This was irritating his back.

The solution was to lie down on the sofa rather than sit. This immediately helped to reduce his back pain. Try think about what causes your back to be sore and see can you modify this. You will be surprised with the results.

The Irish Times says, the BackAware Belt is like having every lift or exercise supervised by a physiotherapist.

3. Do Back Pilates once per week

We look at very simple things we can help you do throughout the day to get you stronger and healthier easier. 

It is important to learn how to activate your core muscles correctly and move better at your hips. Too often back pain is caused by the ligaments, discs or joints of the back being over worked. Why does this happen? Simple, the core muscles are not strong enough to take some of the pressure and load and we move too much through our back because we are tight in our hips.

Doing Back Pilates once per week can be a real game changer as it helps to counter act a lot of the pressures we put on our backs with daily living.

Check out this page for a free trial of Back Pilates. https://backawarebelt.com/backpilates

4. Being Careful in the First Hour of the morning.

Especially if your back pain is caused by disc irritation (Take our quiz to see if this is the likely cause of your back pain). The first hour in the morning is crucial.

Why? Think of a bottle that is completely full with water. If you press the side it will cause it to overflow very easily.

It is the same with our discs. They take on extra fluid overnight. Therefore they are full and the pressure in the discs is higher than any other time.

I have a 5 minute morning routine included with our Back Pilates program that clients tell me is a game changer. One recently client says when he does his morning routine he can put on his socks and without he can’t.

Powerwalking can be brilliant for even 2 minutes in the morning also just to help reduce this fluid. Do not lift anything heavy within the first hour of getting up.

When a bottle is full any pressure will cause it to flow out. Just like our discs.

5. Take Action

Ultimately it is about being intentional to help your back. I have a few offers that might help you but you need to do what feels right for you. Here is how I can help for free.

1. Take our Back Quiz:

This is a free quiz that will give you a good idea about what is causing your back pain when we give you the results. You can fill in the quiz here:

2. Free Trial of Back Pilates:

Check out our page to sign up for a free trial of Back Pilates. The first week is completely free and will give you good ideas about what you have to do to keep your back healthy.

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3. Get Free Book

I have a book called Secrets of a Healthy Spine that contains articles that you might want to read. You can get that here:

Customer Reviews

I remember struggling to walk in to Eoins clinic before my first appointment, my lower back was in bad shape. However after my 4th session I literally skipped out. This was not just down to the 4 sessions but also the unique tips and programme BackAware put in place for me. Highly recommended.
I had an accident climbing indoor on summer 2018 to my lower back. I went to a physio in Athlone and he wasn’t able to fix the problem completely. When I moved to Kilkenny in the 2019 I went to Eoin for a visit. I highly recommend to book a visit with him if you have a problem to your back.
I visited Eoin with lower back pain for a number of sessions and was really impressed with how knowledgeable and supportive he was with my injury. The detailed exercises and follow up were really impressive and I’ve seen a big improvement since.

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