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Instant feeback on your back position

For Better Posture, Lifting and Exercise Technique.

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Instant feeback on your back position

For Better Posture, Lifting and Exercise Technique.

Like having every lift and exercise supervised by a physiotherapist

Huge Applications from Back Pain Patients to Elite Athletes

Prof. Liam Hennessy (Former Strength Coach of Irish Rugby)


BackAware giving athletes instant feedback on their technique is a Game Changer.

Declan Considine (Football Ireland)

What is the BackAware™ Belt?

The BackAware™ is a wearable technology that provides instant feedback on your back position.

About BackAware™ from the founder Dr. Eoin Everard

Instant feedback while exercising

The BackAware™ shows your back position on your screen and vibrates on your belt when in a poor position

Sit and lift correctly

Using real-time biofeedback it teaches you how to sit and lift to avoid pain and discomfort.

Benefits of BackAware™ Belt

Improve your core health and posture

Lift & Exercise with confidence

Dramatically reduce the risk of hurting your back with instant feedback on good and poor posture.

Improve Posture & Strength

Posture Tracker allows you to sit and exercise with great form, building the muscles and posture you are trying to attain

Have your Own PT at Home

Follow along classes so you do the right exercises. BackAware monitors your form so you do these exercises safely and correctly.

What users tell about BackAware™ Belt

stay supple & flexible

How it works

See your back position on phone app

Follow Along Workouts

Use it at your desk

I came up with the BackAware Belt after seeing countless people hurt themselves and not get the results they should when exercising or doing rehabilitation.

Learn more about Founder.

Dr. Eoin Everard, Founder of Backaware

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Get a Pain-Free and Healthier Back with BackAware™


Guided Workouts for Better Fitness Results

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Whether for Back Rehab, healthy sitting habits or getting in shape.

Get the most out of the time and effort you put into your health and fitness.

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