About BackAware™

The BackAware Belt™ is a wearable technology that gives instant feedback on your back position. Allowing for better posture and lifting technique.

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Meet Our Founder
Dr. Eoin Everard

Dr. Eoin Everard talks why he came up with the BackAware Belt. “I would give patients exercises to do and they would return doing them in a way that might be hurting their backs even more! Or I would see people exercise in the gym in a way that was going to cause a lot of problems.

It wasn’t even that they were doing exercises incorrectly (they were!). It was that they had no idea they were doing things wrong. Most people can’t afford a personal trainer, or a physio supervise everything they do. I always thought if there was a technology that could get my patients to feel when they were doing things correctly and incorrectly it would be great. If they knew when they were in a poor position, they would start moving much better and feel better. It’s been a long road but with the BackAware Belt we are finally on the journey to achieving better movement and better back health.

We see so many people doing exercises at home or in the gym with rounded backs and no awareness of their position.

We also see this in our daily lives, people rounding their backs to lift objects or just sitting with a flexed spine.

This is why we created the BackAware Belt™. You can use the BackAware Belt™ in any position for any lift, exercise or even sitting at your desk

Not a Back Belt.

  • Whether for Back Rehab, healthy sitting habits or getting in shape.

    A back belt will try support your back, thus reducing the need for core muscles to work.

  • Get the most out of the time and effort you put into your health and fitness.

    The BackAware Belt makes you aware of your position. You still need to fire and work your own core muscles to keep your spine in the desired position.

  • Get the most out of the time and effort you put into your health and fitness.

    The BackAware Belt™ provides instant feedback about your back position by gently vibrating at the belt and also you can see your position on your phone.