5 Reasons More and More People are using BackAware when Working Out

5 Reasons More and More People are using BackAware when Working Out

There are several different connected fitness and wearable technology devices currently available. However, there is a new device, the BackAware Belt that is taking the industry by storm due to its focus on tracking and training. your technique and posture rather than focusing purely on your reps or effort. In this way it is the closest technology to mimic a Personal Trainer Currently on the market.

In this article we will discuss why more and more people are using the BackAware Belt when exercising.

1. Helps you to Exercises Safely.

There is nothing more frustrating than seeing someone trying to get fit and healthy but they actually end up hurting or injuring themselves.

Sadly, in my physio clinic I have seen Back pain or crippling spasm that have been caused by doing planks, squats, deadlifts or burpees incorrectly. People are doing these exercises with poor form and actually doing more harm than good.

2. Better Fitness Results

Not only do you have less of a chance of injury when you are doing the exercises correctly, you also get better results.


If you are doing exercises with poor technique a lot of times you are working the wrong area. Take a plank for example. If you have too much of an arch in your back then it is your back that is being worked not your core.

Rounding your back during a squat or deadlift again means the back is overloaded and the glutes and leg muscles are not being worked like they should.

Using the BackAware Belt allows you to get more from the time and effort you put into your training by focusing on the areas you intend to work by doing the exercises correctly.

3. Greater Confidence so you can fully commit.

A lot of time we won’t lift heavier or go harder because we don’t have confidence that we are doing exercises correctly.

The BackAware Belt gives you the confidence to know you are exercising correctly so you can fully commit to the program.

It is like having a PT monitor your form but at home and for a fraction of the price! The belt vibrates and you can see your position on the screen when you start to move poorly.

4. Varying types of exercises- Get on a PT plan at home.

With BackAware courses you get a large variety of different types of exercises to choose from, be it Sport Pilates, HIIT, Gym, Mobility or Running sessions.

We get you to fill in an assessment and we arrange a call with you to ensure you are on a plan that will suit you. This takes out the guess work when exercising.

5. Accountability

The three reasons you get a PT:

  1. To Know what to do
  2. To know you are doing exercises safely and correctly.
  3. For accountability.

With the Follow along videos and instant feedback from the Belt you get the first two. We are now adding in the third. With the BackAware Program we can put you into a WhatsApp group and have weekly Q and As to discuss progress. We check in with you every Saturday and monitor how things have been going.

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