Back pain when driving?

May 12, 2022 | Prevent or Correct Back Pain

Very quick article but could make a massive difference.

The main thing with sitting is that your back is in a rounded or flexed position. This puts too much pressure on the ligaments, joints or disks of your back. As I mentioned in previous articles, taking microbreaks and trying to stand or walk for one minute every hour you are sitting will make a massive difference. However, if you cannot avoid sitting for long periods then the best approach is to try to prevent your back from going into this position in the first place. If you can keep your back in a neutral position, then none of the structures we talked about will be overworked or strained.

What to do: Get a rolled up towel and put it in the small of your back when sitting in the car or at your desk. This should stop your back going into this rounded position. Try this for 2 weeks and you will see big improvements in your back pain.

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