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Physio Back

Follow a plan designed by a Chartered Physiotherapist

Follow a plan designed by a Chartered Physiotherapist and PhD of Biomechanics to get your back as healthy and pain free as possible. Do a specific program once per week over 6 weeks to develop your core muscles and learn ways to live your life in a Back-Healthy way.

Works Well For
Back Pain; Injury Prevention; Core Stability; Mobility and Flexibility

Back Care

Teaches you key tips to
keep your back safe

This plan teaches you how to use your belt to move your back in a healthy way. From sitting, to lifting groceries to even washing your teeth. Discover key tips to spare your spine during day-to-day activities.

Works Well For
Improving Posture, Back Pain


Get your Back

This 6-week course provides a specific Pilates program that will get you moving better, strengthen your core and feeling better. Your back will feel the best it has in years with our Back Pilates. Great program to do after the Back Rehab Plan.

Works Well For
Back Pain, Injury Prevention, Core Stability, Mobility and Flexibility


Follow along Gym

This is a comprehensive series of follow along gym workouts. From 20 minute to 50 minute workouts. These classes will get you toned in the most safe and effective way possible.

Works Well For
Strength, Mobility, Muscle Tone

Sports Pilates

Perfect for the Active
Person or Runner

This intense Pilates course will get you moving better, feeling stronger and protect you from injury so you get much more from your sport or other activities. No Pilates experience required but best with people active at least 3 times per week.

Works Well For
Strength, Core Stability, Athletic Training, Injury Prevention, Mobility and Flexibility



Stay Supple and

Save Money having to go to the physio by using the best foam rolling and mobility routines designed by Chartered Physiotherapist Dr. Eoin Everard. From the Achilles to the upper back. Different areas are targeted to keep you moving well.

Works Well For
Mobility; Flexibility; Injury Prevention; Posture

Corrective Pilates/
Exercise Technique

Learn to Exercise

These classes focus on getting technique down to a fine art. Discover and learn the correct technique for all the key Pilates and Gym exercises you will ever need. Be confident you are doing these correctly with the BackAware Belt.

Works Well For
Mobility and Flexibility; Core Stability; Improving Technique; Injury Prevention


Effective but safe
HIIT classes

Between 20 and 45 minute HIIT classes. Use the BackAware Belt to make sure you are staying safe, using the right muscles and technique throughout your workout. So often people hurt themselves doing HIIT because the form is terrible. This series gets you sweating but in a safe and effective way.

Works Well For
Cardio; Strength; Muscle Tone



Weekly Sample
Running Plans

Get structure to your running. Daily sample running schedules are provided for those looking to do stay fit, do a 5k, 10k all the way to the Marathon. Each week you receive explanations and a weekly structure to get the most out of the time you spend running.

Works Well For

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