How to know if you are Squatting Correctly

How to know if you are Squatting Correctly

The squat is a great exercise to build both leg strength and core control. But to get the benefits of this exercise it is important to learn how to do it correctly. There are several variations which we will discuss and keys to make sure you do these exercises safely and get the benefits you deserve from the time and effort you put into your fitness.

The most important thing to remember is that it is not about doing a squat but doing it correctly. You need really good muscle control and need to be aware of your position when doing a squat properly. The key things are to push the hips back as far as possible and then keep the chest up.


How to Do a Squat Correctly
You’ll be able to do a squat safely and correctly each time if you follow these simple steps. The key is to push your hips back and then bend your knees. Try not to move your back at all once you start the squat. There is a tendency to arch your back too much. This uses the back muscles rather than the core to keep the trunk stable.
Getting Into Position
Goblet squat


Upper Body
I recommend starting with a Goblet Squat. Hold a weight in close to your body and keep your chest up. Brace your core so your back does not round or arch. I put the BackAware Belt on here as it will vibrate if you move excessively at your back and if you arch or round at your spine.

Lower Body
A key fault with squats is that people initiate the movement at the knees. Focus on bringing your hips back like you are going to sit into a seat. This will get the right combination of hip and knee movement to get the most out of the squat, in particular if you want to target the glutes and posterior chain.

The Core
The squat is predominately a leg exercise but it is a great way to learn how to use your core muscles effectively. The key during any type of squat is to try hold your trunk in the same position i.e. no movement through the back. This helps to teach you to transfer force through your legs effectively, which should help with generating more power in sport and life. Using the BackAware Belt allows you to train this effectively and get the benefits of the squat exercise.

Common Mistakes with the squat
The key mistake with the squat is to arch the back excessively at the start of the movement. This is particularly prevalent with a back squat (Bar across the shoulders). The other key fault is to let the trunk fall too far forward.

This video discusses alternatives to a back squat that may help your squat:


Variations of the Squat
For those not sure of the correct technique I recommend doing an assisted squat. Here is a video showing what to do:


Other Squats include Front Squat


Or again using the Hex Bar which is my favourite, this is in the video above.

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