Five Tips for Better Exercise Technique

Five Tips for Better Exercise Technique

Exercise technique is vital to make sure you stay injury free and target the muscles you want to work. This Article talks about the importance of good technique. However, today we are going to discuss how to improve exercise technique in detail. Here are five tips that will really help:

1. Work on Flexibility and Mobility
2. Good Core Stability
3. Good Awareness
4. Start with easier exercises
5. Go slow to start

1. Work on Flexibility and Mobility

Often people will not have good technique because they do not have good mobility in their joints. It is impossible to squat correctly if you are unable to move through your hips or ankles correctly. Warming up the joints before beginning to do more complex exercises is a great way to help achieve good exercise technique. Adding exercises like the one below is great to do for a workout.

2. Work on core stability exercises

Again similar to having good mobility, it is really important to have good basic core stability and glute activation before working on more advanced exercises on your feet. Doing sports Pilates once per week is a great way to make sure you get the most out of the rest of the training you do. It targets working the core and getting the joints moving the way they should. We offer a free trial to see if it is right for you before signing up. Simply click the link to try for free. Doing exercises like this just once per week can be enough to activate and get the most out of your workouts.

3. Good Awareness

I invented the BackAware Belt for this reason. A lot of people have poor technique (or don’t know they have!) because they are not aware of their technique. If they knew they were moving poorly they could quickly learn to move better. It would be similar to having a personal trainer supervise every exercise. This is the idea behind the BackAware Belt. It vibrates when your back is in a poor position.



Other keys for good awareness would be someone to video record you or use a mirror.

4. Start exercises using easier versions and being slower

I have combined points 4 and 5 here. First make the exercise easier and master the easier version before moving on to more complex versions of the exercise. It is important to get the exercise right, feel the muscles that you are supposed to be targeting before making the exercise harder. Not keeping the back in a good position during a plank for example can lead the back muscles being overworked and not working the core muscles at all. Therefore, doing a plank from your knees can actually get your core stronger in the long run than doing a harder version of the plank incorrectly.
Implementing these tips allows you to make sure you are working the areas you are targeting with less risk and better chance of success long term.

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