Two ways to lift and Exercise- One Safely and the other not safely.

Two ways to lift and Exercise- One Safely and the other not safely.

Choose Correctly for Better Back Health

We are essentially designed to move through our legs and hips or move with our arms. Our spine and trunk is designed to transfer force. it is not designed to be the primary method of moving. Unfortunately with modern living our hips become tight and cause us to become stiff at our hips. We lose the awareness that we are moving too much at our back until we experience back pain.


If we lift, we should always start the movement by pushing our hips back and then bending our knees. In the first picture we can see that the back is flexed with the hips almost in line with the heels. This means that the majority of the pressure is taken by the back. The joints and the discs of the back can become over loaded as pressure is not distributed evenly here. Overtime this can cause the outside of the disc to wear and the pressure to cause a disc bulge.

In figure 2 the girl is wearing the BackAware Belt, which will give feedback by vibrating when she flexes here spine allowing her to learn the  with correct technique. Here the hips are pushed back so the hips will take the most pressure. The back stays in the neutral spine (learn more about the neutral spine here)

Practicing this move while exercising or just around the house will help you to start sparing the spine and taking pressure off. Just like a cut can only heal when you stop picking at the scab. The back can only start to heal when you stop iritating it over and over. Learning better lifting technique is a great first step.

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