4 Reasons to try Back Pilates

4 Reasons to try Back Pilates

It can be difficult to know what the best course of action is to take with your back pain. You might have heard that Pilates can be great for back pain as it gets the core stronger by taking pressure off the spine. This is very true but not all Pilates are the same and when it comes to back pain it is important that you are doing the type that suits your back the best.

Here are 4 reasons I think BackAware Back Pilates could be perfect for you. You might not think this is the case but reading the list will give you things to look out for.

1. It is designed specifically for your back pain.

Not all back pain is the same. Sometimes back pain is caused by disc injuries, sometimes by SI joint problems or facet joint problems.

It’s important to know what’s causing your back pain because each cause requires different exercises. As well as knowing what exercises to do it is important to know which exercises to avoid.

Some Pilates exercises can actually- hurt your back more than help. Take back pain that is disc related, you don’t want to be rounding or flexing for example.

Doing the wrong exercises such as a sit up with disc pain can make your back worse. Take our Free Quiz here to see what type of back pain you have.

Free Quiz:

2. It’s not about just doing the right exercises, it’s about doing the right exercises correctly.

This is where the BackAware belt comes in. It’s a technology that gives you feedback on your back position. This allows you to know when you’re doing your exercises correctly and when you’re exercising incorrectly.

A lot of people watch videos on Youtube for Back Pain, Pilates or Yoga and wonder why their back is worse than when they started. They are either doing the wrong exercises or they are doing them incorrectly and possibly hurting their back even more.

Obviously, the best option would be for me to be there with you every day to guide you, but this is the next best thing. You put on the videos, you watch the Pilates, you follow along and with your BackAware Belt you know you are doing everything safely and correctly.

3. This isn’t about Back Pilates, this is about getting your back healthier and stronger.

We look at very simple things we can help you do throughout the day to get you stronger and healthier.

We add a lot of bonuses to make sure that you can protect your back during the day, learn how to move better and manage your own back pain.

We also for a limited time have bonuses like massage balls, we have a piece of equipment called a desk aid that we will be including free. We also provide a free video series to teach you how to sit at your desk, watch TV in a way that will put less pressure on your spine.

All of these things will allow you to take pressure off your back and then we have Q&A’s and weekly follow-ups to make sure that you’re doing everything correctly and that you feel you have support throughout this journey.

4. Convenient and Manageable.



It can be daunting especially if you have no experience with Pilates. Some physios make you do exercises every day!

With our program it is 35 minutes of Back Pilates once per week and if you have a disc issue, we also ask you to do a 5-minute morning routine, which so many clients tell me is a game changer. One client says he can’t put on his socks without it but doing the morning routine sets him up for the day!

Best of luck,
Eoin Everard.
PhD. Chartered Physiotherapist.

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