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How We Can Help Your Sciatica Pain


Take our quiz so we can see the cause of your sciatica. This allows us to recommend specific treatment and Rehabilitation for you.


We pair you up with our best specialist to start fixing the cause of your sciatica. Be it compression on the nerve or caused by bulging discs. All treatments are performed by qualified Physiotherapists, Osteopaths or Chiropractors.


Our Patented Technology gives you feedback on your back position so you know you are doing your exercises correctly. We give a specific Back Pilates program to help remove your sciatica. This allows you to learn how to manage your back yourself.

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What is Sciatica

For over 10 years we have specialized with people to recover from back pain/ Sciatic pain fast. Sciatica that causes pain into the buttock or down the leg is so frustrating both for the patient and the therapist. For the patients we see they have finally had enough of painkillers destroying the lining of their stomach, and they want to enjoy life and activities rather than worrying about their back. They worry that the pain down their leg might indicate serious damage to the disk and want a Chartered Physiotherapist to put a plan in place to help it before it requires surgery down the line. For us it is incredibly frustrating because we know as little as 1 or 2 sessions can make a massive difference for back pain.

We have never had a patient who said afterwards, ‘I wished I waited a bit longer to fix this!’. Everything we do is personalised, specific and specialist. That’s the kind of care that works best and what most people are hoping to find when they come to this page.

Common Sciatica Symptoms That We Treat

  • Pain on one side of the buttocks
  • Burning sensations along the leg
  • Relief from pain when lying down or walking, but worsens when seated or standing
  • Numbness or weakness
  • Hip pain
  • Tingling sense radiating down from your back to lower leg

Hands On Treatment

  • Different Physios, Chiropractors and Therapists have different skills.
  • We partner with a range of Back Specialists to ensure you can get the right treatment for you.
    Take our Quiz and from the Results we will pair you with the Best Therapist and Rehab to get the best results for you.
  • Be it Dry needling, Manipulation, Hands on Massage or something else.

** Please note we check in with you after each session to make sure it is going well.
**We aim for a maximum of 3 sessions per patient to start seeing progress.

BackAware Rehab and Pilates

90% of Back pain is related to how we move.

The BackAware Belt provides biofeedback to teach you to lift, exercise and sit safely.

This allows your back to recover and get stronger over time.

“Like having a physio supervise every lift and exercise”

Guided Follow along Exercise and Back Routines

Guided Back Rehabilitation

  • We provide evidence-based exercises for your back using our patented technology.
  • Simply follow along with our Back Rehab program using the BackAware Belt to make sure you are doing everything safely and correctly.
  • Each week your back will be getting stronger and healthier.


The BackAware Program is

€39/ month

for a 4-month period.

  • Recommended Physio/Chiropractic Treatment: Each treatment is billed at the time of the appointment separately.
  • Depending on the treatment we feel will be most appropriate for your appointments will be between €50 and €60.
  • Estimated number of treatments is 3 over the first 2 months.

Guarantee: If not happy at any time, simply return the BackAware Belt and we will stop the payments. No questions asked.

Take the Quiz now

Find out what is wrong with your Back Pain. Do you need Rest, and MRI or Physio? Is it a disc issue or facet joint or SI joint issue.

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