BackAware Description
  • Physio Recommended
  • Follow Along Exercise and Rehab Videos
  • Office Mode for sitting at desk.
  • Better Workouts
  • Better posture
  • Less Aches and Pains.
How it works?

The Belt contains a sensor that goes along your spine and tracks your position.

It is calibrated for your unique position allowing you to use it in any position and for any exercise.

It connects with an App (IOS and Android available) that comes free with the Belt.

We will schedule a 10-minute onboarding call when you receive your belt to help you pick the best program to use and make sure it is all working correctly.


There are only two sizes. If you are a small, medium or large then we recommend size 1

If you are XL or above then we recommend size 2.

What’s in the box?
  1. Patented BackAware Belt Sensor and Electronic Unit
  2. BackAware Belt
  3. USB-C charging cable
  4. Instruction Leaflet
  5. Back Bonuses for Subscription includes- Desk Aid and Exercise Bands and Massage Ball for ultimate physio care plan at home.
Back Pain Relief

We have designed the most comprehensive Back Rehab program ever developed.

Using BackAware Technology and our follow along Back Rehab classes finally take control of your back pain.

With our Back Bonuses with the subscription option we can give you all the tools that a physio would recommend to help get your back stronger and healthier than ever before.

Better Fitness Results

We have some of the top fitness experts in the country providing Gym, Pilates, HIIT classes to get the most out of the time and effort you put in to your workouts.

Make sure you get the results you should by working the muscles you are targeting.

What Experts say about BackAware™

Facebook Reviews BackAware™ Belt

stay supple & flexible

How it works

See your back position on phone app

Follow Along Workouts

Use it at your desk

Benefits of BackAware™ Belt

Improve your core health and posture

Lift & Exercise with confidence

Dramatically reduce the risk of hurting your back with instant feedback on good and poor posture.

Improve Posture & Strength

Posture Tracker allows you to sit and exercise with great form, building the muscles and posture you are trying to attain

Have your Own PT at Home

Follow along classes so you do the right exercises. BackAware monitors your form so you do these exercises safely and correctly.

Meet Our Founder- Dr. Eoin Everard

Dr. Eoin Everard is a Chartered Physio with a PhD in Biomechanics and has published several studies related to Back Pain, Human Movement and has written the book “Secrets of a Healthy Spine”.

“Too often, people are let down by medical professionals. No one ever shows them how manage their back pain. They are given painkillers, which can destroy the lining of the stomach, or get temporary relief through treatment or just told to accept it.

The long-term solution is to get correct exercises for your specific back pain and then you do them correctly with the BackAware Belt. This can go a huge way to getting you out of pain, feeling better and ultimately having a healthier and more active life. For more information click here.