Well Done!!

We can’t wait for you to get your BackAware Belt

First, thank you for purchasing the BackAware Belt. Well done, you took the hardest step! You wouldn’t believe how many people don’t take the first crucial step to better health. They do nothing! They will continue to suffer and not get the results they should just because they don’t take action.

Thankfully, you are one of the proactive people who are ready to change their health and lives for the better!

What Happens Next?

We will send you out your Belt in approximately 1-2 weeks and you should Download our complimentary free APP to get the most out of your belt. find below the links.

We will also sign you up shortly for our Subscription Memberships where you will have access to Back Pilates, Sports Pilates, Gym routines and much more. If you haven’t heard from us in a week then please email backawarebelt@gmail.com and we will get you set up.

Join the Facebook Group BackAware Pilates Newsletter and I would recommend to start doing all the challenges available on the APP to really get the most out of your Back Aware Belt.

Spread the Love

We are a brand-new company and we want to change as many lives as we can. If you can share this part of your journey with friends, we would really appreciate it or just send a picture of you and the belt on Instagram we will pop them up on our page! Any problems just reach out to backawarebelt@gmail.com and we will try sort as quick as possible.


Well done again!

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