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Exercise correctly with Biofeedback.

Get the most from the time you put into your training

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Confidence that you are doing exercises correctly.

  • Without supervision it is difficult to know if you are doing exercises safely.
  • Too often you try to get fit and healthy only to injure yourself or hurt your back.
  • The BackAware Belt™ with biofeedback ensures you have confidence that you are doing exercises safely allowing better, safer results.

What is the
BackAware Belt™

  • The BackAware Belt™ is a wearable technology that provides instant feedback on your lower back position by gently vibrating. 
  • This allows less stress and damage to the spine and more engagement of the muscles for greater fitness results. 
  • Never again wonder if you are damaging your spine when you are exercising, sitting or lifting. 

Better Technique
= Better Results

  • Muscles will not fully activate when joints are in a poor position.
  • This means that not only does poor technique increase your chance of injury but also limits the results you will see. 
  • Using the BackAware Belt™ makes sure you are in the correct position for each exercise. Resulting in better workouts and better results.

Exercise safely with
BackAware Belt™

Dramatically reduce the risk of hurting your back by knowing when you are in a good position.

Work the targeted muscles

Exercising with great form allows you to build the muscles and posture you are trying to attain.

Supervision any
time you need it

With visual feedback on the BackAware™ App and biofeedback from the belt, finally, “feel” what you pay personal trainers and Physios

Use the free training videos on our App to learn better techniques for all the key home exercises and gym exercises.

Dr. Eoin Everard explains the BackAware™

Demo of the BackAware™ Belt

Get the most from your BackAware™ Belt

Our Exercise LIbrary and Courses are included with your Subscription to BackAware™

Whether for Back Rehab, healthy sitting habits or getting in shape.

Get the most out of the time and effort you put into your health and fitness.

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