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Why BackAware™ Pilates

Designed for you

Take our Back Quiz to find the right Pilates program for your back pain and fitness level. Certain exercises can worsen back pain, so get 100% targeted exercises to help your back.


The backAware Belt enables you to perform Pilates moves safely and accurately, ensuring you derive maximum benefit from your efforts to strengthen your back.

Complete plan to get your back healthy

Attend the Pilates class weekly at your convenience. Access bonus materials and a video series to learn how to keep your back healthy throughout the day.

Guided Back Pilates

For the first time ever, we now have technology that can give you supervision as you exercise. BackAware will warn you when moving out of position.

This allows you to keep the spine in the correct, healthy alignment as you build a stronger core and back.

Some Pilates moves can make back pain worse. Take our quiz to make sure you are doing the right exercises for you.

What users tell about BackAware™ Pilates

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What you get

Back Pilates and so much more…

Take our assessment

This allows us to get to know what is wrong with your back so we can tailor the Pilates to what will help you.

Take your quiz

BackAware Pilates

35 minutes class once per week plus 5 mins each morning. Feedback from BA belt to make sure you are doing it correctly and safely.

Bonus Video Series

Video Series to learn how to stop damaging your spine. Physio releases and Mobility Bonus videos + More

Benefits of Backaware Pilates

Back Pilates and so much more…

Less Back Pain

Get your Core muscles stronger and moving better to help take pressure off your back so it can heal.

Better Posture

Be aware of your posture so you can learn to improve it.

Convienience & Support

Video Series to learn how to stop damaging your spine. Physio releases and Mobility Bonus videos + More


About BackAware™ from the founder Dr. Eoin Everard

What is the BackAware™ Belt

Dr. Eoin Everard explains why people get Back Pain and how the BackAware Belt can help.

  • The BackAware™ is a wearable technology that provides instant feedback on your back position.
  • Using real-time biofeedback it teaches you how to sit and lift to avoid pain and discomfort.
  • Never again wonder if you are damaging your spine when you are lifting, sitting or exercising.

Like having every lift and exercise supervised by a physiotherapist

The BackAware Belt looks helpful for patients to learn how to keep their back and pelvis in the best alignment…

Katie Nolan, Charted Physiotherapist Spine Excellence

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Can I do the class anytime?

Yes! the classes are pre-recorded for the most part so you can do it whenever suits you. All we ask is that you let us know when you have done it so we can check in with you weekly about progress.

What is included?

Each week you get a different sports pilates class that works on different areas that can get tight and weak. Changing up the classes weekly allows you to really develop a flexible and strong body that will keep you running freely and have less chance of injury.

You also get an easier Pilates class each week that works the same areas but might be more appropriate when starting.

There are also 20 minute Pilates Blitz classes for those that want a shorter class.

What are the bonus material extra I get?
  • Weekly Running Training programmes based on your goals.
  • Gym Classes for those that want to work strength and conditioning.
  • Mobility and Foam roll videos to help avoid physio visits.
  • Specific Rehabilitations I give my patients for different areas (for example if you get tight or have injured your Achilles we will send you a rehab for your Achilles and specific foam rolling and stretching to do for this).
  • Weekly Q and As to answer any questions you might have.
  • Weekly Check ins to encourage you to stick with it!
  • Recipes for healthier eating.
What injuries does Sports Pilates help with?

Sports Pilates can help plantar fasciitis, Achilles, Knee pain, Patellar Tendinopathy, hip pain, back pain, hamstring tendinopathy and hamstring strains mainly.


If you are not happy with the the Back Pilates within the first 4 weeks just simply return the BackAware Belt and we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

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Is the BackAware Hard to use?

While it is a new piece of technology we have made it as simple as possible to use. We can also arrange a quick 10 minute call with you to help make sure it is set up 100% for you.

Do I need Pilates experience?

No it is designed for beginners. We teach you all the moves as we go.

    What equipment do I need?
    • Mini bands that go around your knees are great (we can get these to you if you don’t have them).
    • A mat and your good to go!
    • Having a small weight is a great option but not needed.
    Can I do it if injured?

    I would recommend the free trial. As long as it doesn’t make the injury worse we have had a lot of clients do the Pilates when injured and it has helped their injury.