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Our Approach

Hands on Treatment- Specific for You

Tailored Back Rehab with the BackAware Belt

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Customer Reviews

I remember struggling to walk in to Eoins clinic before my first appointment, my lower back was in bad shape. However after my 4th session I literally skipped out. This was not just down to the 4 sessions but also the unique tips and programme BackAware put in place for me. Highly recommended.

I had an accident climbing indoor on summer 2018 to my lower back. I went to a physio in Athlone and he wasn’t able to fix the problem completely. When I moved to Kilkenny in the 2019 I went to Eoin for a visit. I liked from the beginning his approach. It is very personal, he takes photos of your movement, gives specific exercises to do, send you articles about postures and habits that can help you with your problem. Also his massages techniques are very healing. I highly recommend to book a visit with him if you have a problem to your back.

I attended BackAware after receiving soft issue injuries in my lower back after a road traffic accident. I noticed improvements immediately with treatment and prescribed exercises with video demonstration explaining exercise technique and rationale. My job requires a lot of sitting and with a two hour commute to work these exercises are crucial in my recovery. I also started attending Pilates classes and I find my core muscles and lower back are significantly stronger with each class. My hip mobility and strength is also starting to improve after four weeks of Pilates. I find I am moving a lot better now in my daily life and I am on the recovery route with the aim to return to sport. I cannot recommend this enough. Thank you.

I visited Eoin with lower back pain for a number of sessions and was really impressed with how knowledgeable and supportive he was with my injury. The detailed exercises and follow up were really impressive and I’ve seen a big improvement since.

Hands On Treatment

  • Different Physios, Chiropractors and Therapists have different skills.
  • We partner with a range of Back Specialists to ensure you can get the right treatment for you.
  • Take our Quiz and from the Results we will pair you with the Best Therapist and Rehab to get the best results for you.
  • Be it Dry needling, Manipulation, Hands on Massage or something else.

    ** Please note we check in with you after each session to make sure it is going well.
    **We aim for a maximum of 3 sessions per patient to start seeing progress.

    BackAware Rehab
    and Pilates

    • 90% of Back pain is related to how we move.
    • The BackAware Belt provides biofeedback to teach you to lift, exercise and sit safely.
    • This allows your back to recover and get stronger over time.

    “Like having a physio supervise every lift and exercise”

    Guided Back Rehabilitation

    • We provide evidence-based exercises for your back using our patented technology.
    • Simply follow along with our Back Rehab program using the BackAware Belt to make sure you are doing everything safely and correctly.
    • Each week your back will be getting stronger and healthier.


    The BackAware Program is

    €39/ month

    for a 4-month period.

    • Recommended Physio/Chiropractic Treatment: Each treatment is billed at the time of the appointment separately.
    • Depending on the treatment we feel will be most appropriate for your appointments will be between €50 and €60.
    • Estimated number of treatments is 3 over the first 2 months.

    Guarantee: If not happy at any time, simply return the BackAware Belt and we will stop the payments. No questions asked.

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