Stop damaging your spine

Learn to lift, exercise and sit safely with the BackAware Belt

How BackAware™ Belt can help

  • 90% of Back pain is related to how we move.
  • The BackAware Belt provides biofeedback to teach you to lift, exercise and sit safely.
  • This allows your back to recover and get stronger over time.

Lift safely with
good position

Dramatically reduce the risk of hurting your back by knowing when you are in a good position and a poor position.

Improve posture
and strength 

Using this Posture Tracker allows you to exercise with great form, building the muscles and posture you are trying to attain. 

Supervision any
time you need it

With visual feedback on the BackAware™ App and biofeedback from the belt, the BackAware Belt is like having own physiotherapist.

“Like having a physio supervise every lift and exercise”

Guided Back Rehabilitation

We provide evidence-based exercises for your back using our patented technology. 

Simply follow along with our Back Rehab program using the BackAware Belt to make sure you are doing everything safely and correctly.

Better Desk Posture

  • Use our Office option to get alerts when you are sitting with poor posture.
  • Your belt can be worn discreetly under your clothes.
  • Messages are sent to your phone when you’re in a poor position.
  • Improve your posture when sitting to take pressure off your spine.

Dr. Eoin Everard explains why you hurt your spine and how the BackAware Belt.

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