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Follow along Classes with biofeedback to make sure you are doing everything safely and correctly.


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“Like having a physio supervise every lift and exercise”

Why BackAware Pilates

Designed for you

Take our Assessment for Pilates suitable for your back and levels of experience/fitness


The BackAware Belt lets you know you are doing exercises safely and correctly

Convienience & Support

Do the class once per week whenever suites you and we check in weekly to make sure it is going OK.

BackAware Pilates

Take our Assessment

This allows us to get to know what is wrong with your back so we can tailor the Pilates to what will help you.

BackAware Pilates

35 minutes class once per week plus 5 mins each morning. Feedback from BA belt to make sure you are doing it correctly and safely.


Video Series to learn how to stop damaging your spine. Physio releases and Mobility Bonus videos + More

Customer Reviews

I remember struggling to walk in to Eoins clinic before my first appointment, my lower back was in bad shape. However after my 4th session I literally skipped out. This was not just down to the 4 sessions but also the unique tips and programme BackAware put in place for me. Highly recommended.

I had an accident climbing indoor on summer 2018 to my lower back. I went to a physio in Athlone and he wasn’t able to fix the problem completely. When I moved to Kilkenny in the 2019 I went to Eoin for a visit. I highly recommend to book a visit with him if you have a problem to your back.

I visited Eoin with lower back pain for a number of sessions and was really impressed with how knowledgeable and supportive he was with my injury. The detailed exercises and follow up were really impressive and I’ve seen a big improvement since. 

How it works?



Video and courses sent to you each week to your email ID.


Follow along videos

Using the Back Aware Belt to make sure you are doing things correctly.


Check ins & QA’s weekly

Post up how you are getting on. We check in weekly to keep you on track.

Get started with back Pilates

Less Back Pain/ Better Posture/ Learn how to manage your own back.


(*Money back Guarantee).

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Desk Aid for working at your desk.


Protect your spine video series.

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