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Specialised ACL Rehabilitation

Get Specific ACL Physio Rehab by Specialist Chartered Physio Dr. Eoin Everard PhD.

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Our Approach

ACL Rehab​

Improve Overall Strength and Fitness

Get Back To Better than Before

Step By Step Approach

Step By Step Approach

  • Regular Check ins to make sure knee progressing as it should
  • Step by Step Rehabilitation videos to follow along
  • Sports Pilates and fitness routines to keep overall fitness high during rehabilitation.
  • Be it Dry needling, Manipulation, Hands on Massage or something else to help your knee.

Reasons to Choose

Reasons to Choose

  • 100% Success Rate with 0 Re injuries so far.
  • Rehab Designed by Chartered Physio and PhD Researcher Dr. Eoin Everard.
  • Whole Body Rehabilitation. Get improvements in overall fitness in addition to world class rehab for your knee
  • Fitness and Gym Programmes included.
  • Specialists with Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries

Overview of ACL Program

Overview of ACL Program

  • Phase 1- Week 2-14- Progressive ACL and knee Rehabilitation working on flexibility, strength and balance. Twice per week.
  • Simply follow with our videos each week.
  • Phase 1B- Sports Pilates to make sure that core and all other aspects of movement are improved. Do this once per week.
  • Phase 2- Gym and Running ( Month 3-6). Work on Running mechanics, agility and fitness (Field work) and strength and power in the gym.
  • Phase 3- Phased Return to sport (Month 8 onwards). Work on all aspects to return to sport.


Physio Treatments are

€50/ appointment


Physio Treatments are

€60/ appointment


Estimated physio appointment is one every 8 weeks.

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